Follow your dreams!

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”- John C. Maxwell


Follow your dreams! This is what each one of us is taught right from the day we gain our sense. Are we not? But do we ‘all’ really have the audacity and courage to follow our dreams? While others might just want to go with the flow, some of us have taken a step to defy all odds and stand up for a cause.

These extraordinary people have a fire in them which cannot calm before the accomplishment of the set goal. We all have heard the success stories of all those celebrities who went from rags to riches, but what about the everyday folks who accomplish a lot in their life and yet go unnoticed?

Benard Didacus Opiyo is undoubtedly a living legend. A native of Uradi village in Kenya-Siaya, Africa; he has done something which must be appreciated by all hearts. Benard has been the one to advocate for building a high school targeting female achievers in the socially conservative region of Kenya. Now what is more interesting is that the high school molds these female achievers in an overall fashion with a particular focus on life skills.

Benard says that the idea first occurred to him while he was just having a regular chat with his friend. The object of their conversation was the educational trends in their remote village of Kenya. Because of the high poverty index, the figures were not at all amazing. There was only a little proportion of those who attended school, and most of them dropped out just because of poverty. Of those who graduate, a fraction made it to the university.

The social status of girls is even more displeasing. Early pregnancies and cultural backdrops render them ineligible to better educational facilities. Such a situation indeed demanded something to be done. Now, defying people requires a lot of courage. Setting up a girl’s school definitely wouldn’t have been as easy for Benard. With persistent hard-work and perseverance, he  founded ‘Uradi Girls High School’ with the underlying motto of ‘Moulding Achievers.’ Established in 2010, they now have approximately 100 girls. These figures are surprising because of the above-said reasons. Moreover, the entire school can house up to 360 girls, and the work still goes on!

They aim to provide quality education despite all the challenges and aid the girls in getting into universities for their betterment as well as that of their community.




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